Printer Calibration is used to automatically measure the length of the labels loaded into the printer and helps prevent issues with labels cutting off part ways through or spitting out extra labels. There are different processes depending on the platform ZiiZii is running on:


Once the printer is connected Simply tap Calibrate Printer and choose the appropriate option, Bar Sense or Gap Sense


WIth the printer connected to Bluetooth, enter the Labels tab and choose the appropriate label format, ZPL bar-sense calibration or ZPL gap-sense calibration

Then select New blank label and tap Print now on the pop-up

Remember to reselect the correct label format after the calibration is complete before printing any labels.

Bar or Gap Sense?

If you are not sure which is the correct calibration, I have a sample of Bar and Gap labels

The Bar label on the right has a distinct black mark between labels and Gap on the left just has the see through backing paper