Enabling the feature

This feature is available in the legacy app, it has some conditions to make it visible though:

  • ZZ MDM must not be installed This was to prevent an overlap as one of our wholesalers was updating from legacy updates to ZZ MDM. If ZZ MDM is installed none of the below scenarios apply.

  • AppLock is running in the background. This is an RS30 app, and also the most common use case for the legacy update feature to be enabled is when AppLock is controlling the device.

  • ziizii.settings.android.allow-update-app-from-server is set to true, this will override the AppLock check and make it always visible.

How to find the feature

This feature will show up in the 'About Page' of the app, which can be located on the top bar of the main page of the app. Within the 'About Page' there will be device info at the top, and a 'Release Notes' button at the bottom, if this feature is enabled, there will be a 'Check for Updates' button above the 'Release Notes' button.

If you tap the 'Check for Updates' button, a dialog will appear telling you if you're up to date, or if not which version will be downloaded. You will need to choose to 'Download' from this dialog, and after the download is installed, you will also need to choose 'Install' from this dialog. 

Keeping the versions updated on the MDM Admin Portal

Updating the app

You should pull the latest release APK from Nexus. The naming of the file is very important. It should be called ZiiZii-{{VERSION_NUMBER}}.apk. For example ZiiZii-2.16.2.apk. Take this APK and upload it to the MDM portal on our main instance, MDM will automatically determine the info for you, and if the the naming was correct it will also create a public URL for the APK that matches the naming convention we want.

For example, with a real APK uploaded to the site:


Updating the version info

The mobile app determines the filename and version code from the JSON downloaded from the server. The JSON is at the following location and you can open it to see current version info.


This json has 2 fields, name and code. Both are very important for the functionality of this.

name: This field represents the version that the user will see, and also affects the URL path. For example, if this was set to 2.16.2 the URL that the app would  is https://app.zzmdm.io/zzmdm/files/DEFAULT/ZiiZii-2.16.2.apk.

This is a real version number, so that is a working URL that you can use to download the file.

code: This field represents the version code of the app. Version codes are used to determine which version of an app is actually greater than another. If you use an incorrect version code, you could end up with upgrade loops or bad installs.