In the event you notice that orders are coming into ZiiZii, but are not going to your backend system, there are a few common causes that can be ruled out before Ziiware Support needs to get involved:

  1. Make sure enough time has passed. The Ziiware processes usually poll the ZiiZii system every 2-15 minutes depending on your individual configuration, so order transfer may not be instant.

  2. If Ziiware provided a system, make sure this system is powered on. This system may be a Cubox (small black box) computer, VM appliance, or other piece of hardware that serves as the go-between for ZiiZii and your backend.

  3. If a system has been provided to Ziiware by your company, make sure it is powered on.

  4. Ensure that this system is plugged into a network that has internet access.

  5. If using the DAC backend system, ensure that the CV1COM job on the AS/400 is running. This process can be disabled by power outages and is responsible for processing the orders we send. Ziiware Support cannot re-enable this ourselves.

  6. If your system has an external API that ZiiZii connects to, make sure it is working correctly.

If all of the above that apply are true but the problems continue, then contact Ziiware Support to look into the issue further. Note that in several of the above cases, Ziiware Support may also reach out to you first if our monitoring detects an issue, particularly for cases 2 and 3.